What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a safe and effective therapy which can help people manage a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, pain, stress and can assist with changing negative behaviour patterns. This is achieved by entering a deep and relaxing state called a trance state. Whilst in this trance state your subconscious mind becomes more dominant. This right side of your brain is more open and highly responsive to positive suggestions. When you are experiencing hypnosis, you feel calm, relaxed and in control.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis, when facilitated by a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist or Health Care Professional is an extremely safe modality as shown in clinical trials. Hypnosis is not suitable however for people experiencing severe mental illness and epilepsy.

What can I expect to happen during the consultation?

You can expect to be treated with respect and privacy whilst discussing issues that you may be seeking help with. You will be made to feel calm and relaxed in a comfortable reclining chair and your hypnotherapist will guide you every step of the way. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing if you can and not to drink too much water before coming to your appointment.

Is Hypnosis Mind Control?

Hypnosis allows you to gain greater control of your own mind. This allows you to change unwanted and negative behaviours. Through Hypnosis you will gain greater willpower to make the positive changes that you desire. Contrary to the misbelief that hypnosis can control you and make you do things you do not want to, the opposite is indeed true. Dr David Spiegel, professor and associate chair of psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine states that “It’s actually a way of enhancing people’s control, by teaching them how to control aspects of their body’s function and sensation that they thought they couldn’t.”

Is Hypnosis proven to work?

There has been a lot of research into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, numerous scientific studies and clinical trials at universities and hospitals all over the world have proven it to be an effective treatment for many conditions. There are many hospitals using hypnosis to help their patients manage pain, stress, anxiety, medical treatment side effects and stress related neurological problems.

How many sessions will I need?

This will be discussed with your hypnotherapist when you have your free phone consultation prior to your appointment. Usually, three to five sessions are recommended for lasting change, however this depends on the individual and the presenting issue.

How do I choose a good hypnotherapist?

It is important to talk with your hypnotherapist to ensure they have been trained to a high standard and belong to a professional hypnotherapy organisation. You can also search hypnotherapy registers such as The Australian Hypnotherapists Association, Professional Hypnotherapists Association or the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

The answer is no. When the session is over, your hypnotherapist will bring you out of hypnosis and you will be wide awake and feeling great. You can also bring yourself out of hypnosis any time you like as you are the one in control.


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