Treatment Duration Cost
Initial Consultation 1.5-2 Hours $195.00
Repeat Consultation 1-1.5 Hours $160.00
3 x Treatment Package 1-1.5 Hours $450.00
5x Treatment Package 1-1.5 Hours $700.00
Gut- Directed Hypnotherapy Package 1-1.5 Hours $800.00
Smoking Cessation 1-2 Hours x 2 $375.00
Remedial Massage 30 Minutes / I Hour $40 / $75

It is strongly recommended to create long lasting change that you have between 3-5 sessions of hypnosis.

This will be discussed further with you when you have your free phone consulation. Every individual is different, and you will receive the individual care and support you deserve. Hypnosis is an enjoyable experience and if you are ready to make positive changes to your life, then we are here to help.

Our Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy programme is usually six sessions and is tailor made to suit individual symptoms.

Please note all packages can be set up on a payment plan.

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